• 7 Goats / cafe-bar
  • 7 Goats / cafe-bar
    • www: facebook.com/7-Goats-389353178176406
    • location: 43 Metalurgistiv prosp., Mariupol, Ukraine
    • area: 145 m²
    • number of seating places: 53
    • completed: 2018
    • photographer: Roman Kupriyan

    7 Goats it’s a new innovative hybrid cafe-bar concept from YOD, realized in Mariupol. Probably, the name of the institution reminds everyone known from childhood fairytale «The Wolf And The Seven Little Goats». Quite logically arises a question: where is the wolf here? There is also a wolf – he goes to hunt with the onset of darkness, so in the evening the cafe becomes a cocktail bar. In this is the hybridity of institution: during the day it works in the café format with breakfasts and dinners, and in the evening it’s transformed into a bar.
    During the day «goats» are main acting characters, since the basis of the café menu is cheeses from a craft goat farm with its own cheese-making. Cheese, in turn, is ideal for breakfast and lunch, for baking with vegetables and meat and for wine. So applied appropriate interior for that cafe: in the day time due to the large windows through which falls a lot of daylight, we have a bright room with white chairs, which reflect the color of cheese and symbolize white goats.
    In the evening as is typical for bar, in the institution dominates a muffled atmosphere, created due to directed light on dark elements of the interior: ore skin, wood on tables and walls, dark upholstery of furniture. With coming of darkness on the foreground turns out a big gray wolf, which can be seen on the pixel wall, formed from wooden cubes of various shades. In the dark time a composition becomes more distinct and a wolf itself is more pronounced due to the contrast of shadows, falling on the wall under artificial light.
    Since the establishment is located in a seaside town, we didn’t ignore this fact and have developed lamps from old fishing floats for nets. We bought them in various countries at auctions, so each of them has its own unique history. These lamps are a peculiar embodiment of beacons in the sea: by analogy with beacons they have a directed beam of warm light, which in our case separates each table and wraps space, creating a cozy atmosphere.