• NOW COLO Auditorium
  • NOW COLO Auditorium
    • category: auditorium
    • location: Interior Mebel Exhibition 2020, Ukraine
    • photographer: Igor Karpenko

    Created by YOD design lab, NOW COLO AUDITORIUM is a unique space for communication for members and guests of the Interior Mebel Exhibition 2020.
    The fundamental concept of the auditorium is to gather everyone “NOW COLO” (from ukrainian “navkolo” = around), by offering a harmonious space for communication. This is a place for lectures, meetings, presentations; a place where people can spend time together in a comfortable and rewarding way.
    Architectural form of the auditorium in the shape of a huge cylinder was made up of lots of tubes. Thus, it emphasizes the chosen concept: great achievements are due to individuals united around a common idea.
    This project was realized in mono-material - secondary cardboard, tubes, MDF panels. After the exhibition all tubes may be used for ECO packaging, they seem to receive "one more life" and all members seem to receive one more circle space of like-minded people.