• BeerЖa / restaurant
  • BeerЖa / restaurant
    • Category: restaurant
    • Location: Regeneratorna st., 4, Kyiv, Ukraine
    • Status: realized in 2017
    • Area: 600 м²
    • Photographer: Roman Kupriyan
    • Link: https://www.facebook.com/Beer%D0%96%D0%B0-455642204789266/

    BeerЖa food&mood - it's a restaurant, where according to the concept are held the trades in exchange format. Here the guest can buy beer at the best price through a specially developed mobile app, where the price is formed on the basis of demand.
    The facility is located in a basement in one of residential complexes in Kyiv. One of the features of the restaurant is that the communications inherent in a basement are not concealed. They are emphasized on the contrary through the chaotic interweaving with air ducts and fire extinguishing systems. The lack of windows in the facility is offset by the use of two lighting options: daytime and evening light. Thus, due to different lighting scenarios can be created both morning and evening atmosphere.
    Zoning in "BeerЖa" is formed in such way in order to the whole space of the facility can be seen from any point of it, so we moved away from the isolation receptions of private halls and the use of screens. Different types of landing places combined with zonal lighting create the necessary level of comfort for visitors, which are in a lively atmosphere inherent in the institution of this type.