• Relax Park Verholy / Chalet 3.0
  • Relax Park Verholy / Chalet 3.0
    • Category: hotel
    • Location: Sosnovka village, Poltava region, Ukraine
    • Status: realized in 2013
    • Area: 140 m2
    • Photographer: Andrey Avdeenko
    • Link: http://verholy.com/rus

    The guest house is designed in Alpine chalet esthetics and is a part of spa complex Relax Park Verholy. The apartment consists of three rooms and a common living room with a fireplace and a large dining table. To create relax atmosphere the designers chose quiet, neutral colors and natural materials with a nice texture such as skins, travertine, stone and wood. The house has panoramic windows. Part of the wall has a ribbed cladding made of plywood with backlight, and one of the walls is decorated by leather elements cut into squares.
    Outside the house is trimmed with heat-treated alder and inside the walls and the ceiling are from the Siberian larch. The fireplace can be used from the living room and from outside. One of the construction features of the chalet is a roof with a peak run out beyond the contours of the structure. Thanks to this solution around the house there are the comfortable roofed terraces.