• Chalet 5.0 / Verholy Relax Park
  • Chalet 5.0 / Verholy Relax Park
    • www: verholy.com/ua
    • location: 1 Sosnova St., Sosnivka, Poltava region, Ukraine
    • area: 285 m²
    • completed: 2019
    • photographer: Andriy Bezuglov

    New Chalet 5.0 in Verholy Relax Park with its own SPA complex!
    Chalet consists of three rooms with a shared living room and a guest lounge. Indoor swimming pool, jacuzzi, steam bath, outdoor swimming pool with water heating function, cozy terrace with a seating area and a large communal table under the roof – all this at the guests disposal!
    The decision to combine the guest house with SPA under one roof makes the rest of the guests even more comfortable, because most of the possible procedures and kinds of leisure are available directly on the territory of the guest house.