• Farshirovannaya ryba / Odessa snack bar
  • Farshirovannaya ryba / Odessa snack bar
    • Category: snack bar
    • Location: Chervonyi lane, 1, Odessa, Ukraine
    • Status: implemented in 2017
    • Area: 432 м²
    • Photographer: Roman Kupriyan
    • Link: gefiltefish.od.ua

    Odessa snack bar "Farshirovannaya ryba" it's the fish restaurant of known Ukrainian restaurateur Savelii Libkin. It is opened in the heart of Odessa on the corner of the street Derybasivska, which is a calling card of the city. Its name reflects the general concept. 
    In creating the interior of the restaurant we tried to portray the marine theme through a series of associations. The whole restaurant is like "woven" from fishnet: the concept of the first floor forms a scale knitted installation from ropes that cover the entire ceiling. The ceiling resembles the surface of the seabed with craters of underwater geysers, from which hang the round glass lamps – the images of poured from glass floats for nets used previously by sailors. In the kitchen fully opened to visitors, as if just caught by the same fishnet on ice are presented the fresh fish and other sea delicacies.
    According to the conception the basement is deeply under water so its interior associatively reproduces the seabed. Specially developed by our studio fixtures with a caustic effect create the impression of glimmer of light in the thicker of seawater what amplify the "underwater" stay. Given that here is a bar and one more restaurant hall, the caustic effect on the walls and fixtures in the form of large oblong bubbles create here more "evening" and chamber atmosphere.
    The materials used in the decoration had undergone heat treatment: the floor is covered with a heat-treated ash tree, walls – by burnt with different gradient copper squama, and also the countertops are made of stones and heat-treated massif.

    "Farshirovannaya ryba" it's "Fish on Fire" in the past. It is under such a name that the restaurant functioned since its opening.