• Fish&Fusion / restaurant
  • Fish&Fusion / restaurant
    • Category: restaurant
    • Location: 13 Konstitucii St., Poltava, Ukraine
    • Status: realized in 2014
    • Area: 190 m2
    • Graphic design: PRAVDA design
    • Photographer: Andrey Avdeenko
    • Link: http://fishandfusion.com/ua

    The idea of fish restaurantestablishment in Poltava was demanded by restaurant market realities in this city. High class fish restaurants are practically absent in the region. Fish&Fusion became one of the leaders in the sector. In this respect we had a difficult task to create completely new, innovative image of a fish restaurant. We decided not to use banal perception of a nautical theme through sailor’s vests, anchors, blue and white colors, various marine utensils etc. We tried to reproduce the marine theme through decoration materials, such as rusty metal, stone, old wood, greenery, colors and various décor elements. The metal in the aqueous environment is resistant to corrosion (rusting) and this way becomes brighter and more interesting, like it is alive. This material was actively used by us in the decoration of walls and in the decorative items making.
    The wood also changes its color and texture under the constant influence of atmospheric precipitation. One of the main hall walls is decorated by such old tree, which we collected in all the nearby villages. This tree was affected by all kinds of atmospheric precipitations for more than half a century. And that texture which the wood receives due to this influence indicates that this material is alive and real. And this is exactly what we wanted to obtain in all our projects: creation of authentic objects preserving harmonious communication links between a man and the environment.
    The wall decorated by greenerycreates an image of a vertical underwater rock covered by algae and it brings excitement to the surrounding space. The stone which was used in the decoration of the private hall, was for that purpose specially selected from the remnants of huge blocks, we selected segments with maximum torneffect to reflect the image of a rocky shore.
    From decorative elements we would like to highlight a non-trivial image of fish scale, which we realized as a decorative element from rusty metal on the main hall ceiling, in a felt tile in strange niches, and which was taken as a basis for specialty style of the restaurant. A felt which was used in niches and chairs decoration, bright pillows, bio-fireplace bring notes of mildness and playfulness in this minimalistic interior.