• Food Простір / corporate food court
  • Food Простір / corporate food court
    • Category: corporate food court
    • Location: Ivan Lepse blvd., 6-z, Kyiv, Ukraine
    • Status: implemented in 2017
    • Area: 858 m²
    • Photographer: Andriy Bezuglov
    • Link: https://www.facebook.com/FoodSpaceKyiv/

    "Food Простір" is an unique cluster of corporate nutrition for Ukraine, which offers to visitors the-art technologies ordering food. This is a place where the time of visitors is appreciated, and a good quality food is offered for every taste. The food court is located in the business center of Kyiv where IT-companies are localized, so it is primarily designed for their employees, but for everyone else the entrance is also free.
    The facility is conventionally divided into 6 independent kitchen stations: Main / Salads / Wok / Fresh Bar / Take Away / Pop-Up, adapted to a variety of individual tastes of visitors.
    The interior of the establishment has a stylish modern design with pop art splashes. The terrace of the food court is decorated  by a large canvas entitled "Pulp Fiction Monkeys", formed as a result of the symbiosis of painting "Banana" by the world-famous artist Andy Warhol with ukrainian origin and wall graffiti "Pulp Fiction" by an English underground graffiti artist Banksy. This, in particular, makes "Food Простір" a peculiar art location, where you can relax and gain inspiration by consuming delicious food.
    Both in the interior design and in the principles of the work of the food court traces the idea of combining of incompatible and breaking of stereotypes, starting with the painting "Pulp Fiction Monkeys" and ending with kitchen stations at the first glance incompatible within a single institution.