• Hendrick's bar
  • Hendrick's bar
    • Category: bar
    • Location: Bohdan Khmelnytskyi st., 42, Kyiv, Ukraine
    • Status: realized in 2017
    • Area: 50 м²
    • Photographer: Roman Kupriyan

    Although we do not live in the USA and not in times of «dry law», but «Hendrick’s bar» in the historical center of Kyiv allows you to move in time and space and plunge into Chicago’s atmosphere of 20-30s of the last century. This establishment is an example of classic speakeasy-bar: this is a bar in a bar, without signboards and landmarks on the street, hidden from excessive eyes and bustle of big city. You can get here, coming in «True Burger Bar» and going down to his basement.
    «Hendrick’s bar» has already successfully existed at the time of customer's request, our task was to give him a «second breath». Given that it’s the underground bar, arosed a quite logical idea to make a reference to America during a «dry law». Hence are classical wooden panels of the 1930’s, brass elements of fixtures and something that is so lacking in bars of open type – a comfortable atmosphere of a closed circle of friends.
    Bar has a peg to the legendary «Hendrisk’s» gin, so in his carved decoration reflected main ingredients of this drink, including cucumbers and roses, which have become the integral elements of corporate style. Having a limited number of landing places we took care of a comfortable landing, so places for sitting under wall were raised to the height level of bar stand. With increasing of bar line we tried to save as much as possible a bar stand, since it had time to become famous as one of the most comfortable among the Kyiv bars.
    Opposite the bar line we have placed a light-dynamic panel from LEDs, to break a rectangular space of rooms. Expolight company created a graphic in style of retrofuturism, where each LED is conditionally equal to pixel of an overall image. Due to this in the video there is a certain understatement, which we sought to achieve so that visitors did not get tired of its content. Inspired by history of first entertainment gadgets, we created table lamps in form of zoothrops. Scrolling a drum of lampshades by the principle of cinefilm through cut vertical cracks on sides you can see a moving picture. Talking about lighting in general, we put it in such a way so as not to violate dominant chamber atmosphere in establishment, and the main accent was aimed at bar line and work of bartenders.