• Holy Chick / restaurant
  • Holy Chick / restaurant
    • Category: restaurant
    • Location: Shota Rustaveli st., 16-A, Kyiv, Ukraine
    • Status: realized in 2017
    • Area: 300 m2
    • Photographer: Roman Kupriyan
    • Link: https://www.facebook.com/holychickkiev

    Holy Chick it's a restaurant that tactfully combines frank rudeness with the elegance of classical elements. The very name of the restaurant already indicates the guest that its format and kitchen are devoted to chicken - its main product.
    From the entrance reveals the ironic character of the concept of the establishment: the ground near the entrance is the embodiment of such a "glamorous" chicken house, and the door handle on the front door is executed in the form of the famous gesture of Winston Churchill's "victory hand". In the interior are hidden various "Easter Eggs" imperceptible at a glance: the chicken paw inscribed in décor of the ceiling socket, the floor is made in the form of asphalt with gold cracks, the holder for bocals over the bar are made in the form of the conveyor belt in a poultry factory. It's no coincidence are woven classical chandeliers from wire, because this material is the main on the poultry factory. The bathrooms are laid out by the white square tile, doors are made from stainless steel, which generally resembles the industrial rooms in the poultry farm. In addition the hall on the ground floor is decorated by wall panel in the form of classical eggs cells from concrete.
    The counter of the restaurant is a superstructure above the ground floor where is a small hall, so-called the chicken coop. His motives are created at the expense of light, which breaks through the old boards from the village chicken coop, by which is sheathed this hall.