• Horns and hooves / butcher shop
  • Horns and hooves / butcher shop
    • Category: butcher shop
    • Location: 15 Kikvidze St., Kyiv, Ukraine
    • Status: realized in 2015
    • Area: 70 m2
    • Graphic designer: PRAVDA design
    • Photographer: Andrey Avdeenko
    • Link: http://rizhky-ta-nizhky.com.ua/

    The butcher shop Horns and Hooves, located in a central district of Kyiv, was conceived as a modern, comfortable and aesthetic alternative to city marketplaces. The owners set a goal not only to provide urban residents with organic meat, which is delivered daily from the village, but also to revive the tradition of small specialized food stores with excellent service, affordable prices and individual approach to the customers.
    Designers have decided not to overload the store with décor to avoid distracting visitors from the main function of the place and to focus them on sterility, good service and individual approach to customers. The main decorative elements are the author's graphics and bright red retro scales and weights, which contrast nicely with the background of the walls and shelving. Some scales designers have turned into lamps. Store’s facade is decorated with themed designs and logo and is accurately entered into the historical surroundings of the district.
    In the shop there are dressing zone, storage area, rest room for staff, administration office and sales hall for client service. For storage and display of raw meat and other products in the sales area designers installed the glass cases that control the air flow and keep the products in the correct temperature range.
    For visitors’ comfort Horns and Hooves provides an opportunity to cashless payment, special places where guests can pack things comfortably and the console shelves besides the cashier. If necessary, the products can be packed up in vacuum or foil for longer storage. Also in the shop the delivery is provided. And in the near future the owners plan to introduce online orders.