• La Spezia / trattoria
  • La Spezia / trattoria
    • location: 31-B Mykhaila Lushpy prospect, Sumy, Ukraine
    • area: 350 m²
    • number of seating places: 132
    • completed: 2017
    • photographer: Roman Kupriyan

    La Spezia is an Italian restaurant of family type, located in the sleeping district of Sumy. This is the so-called trattoria – the institution of a new format in the city, which nevertheless immediately gained the commitment of its inhabitants. Creating this facility, we did not set a goal to surprise by design, first and foremost we focused on the potential audience and its needs. We achieved our goal and the result speaks for itself: today La Spezia is a successful restaurant and a favorite place for many inhabitants of the city.
    The restaurant is divided into two halls: day and evening. The day hall is main, it is spacious and bright, with lots of green plants and with panoramic windows, through which inside the room enters a lot of sunlight. The unifying element of hall became a structural wooden grid on the ceiling, which hides engineering and with greenery "refreshes" the whole space. The very green plants here symbolize the basil – a spice, which is widely used in the preparation of dishes of Italian cuisine. From the ceiling hang large and small sieves for sifting flour, but in our case through them are shed on the tables not flour, but light. Flour appears when cooking almost of Italian dishes, so do not accidentally brick white walls in the room as if sprinkled with flour, and the fixtures we specially developed in the form of sieves. The second hall in trattoria is decorated in dark colors, it has a more chamber atmosphere, therefore it is especially popular in the evening. Its accent is the communal table located in the center – it can be used as a single company and people unfamiliar with each other.
    Since the restaurant is dedicated to Italian cuisine, the following tips and associations have been used in its design: flour sieve screens, basil leaves rests, ceiling decoration in the evening hall of veneer in the form of traditional Italian pasta talent and so on. The color scheme of the whole terrier of the institution is tied around its name, so it has shades of various spices and seasonings.
    Thanks to quality cuisine, impeccable service and thoughtful design the average reversibility of a place in the trattoria is equal to three. Today it is a successful institution and a favorite place for rest of many Sumy citizens.