• LUCCA / restaurant
  • LUCCA / restaurant
    • www: facebook.com/Lucca.Restaurant.Kiev
    • локація: вул. Солом'янська 11
    • площа: 431 m²
    • реалізовано: 2020
    • фотограф: Андрій Безуглов

    We made a full redesign of the restaurant and rethought old Italian traditions with a contemporary design angle. Lucca restaurant has been working in Solomensky district for ten years and has gained a reputation as one of the best Italian restaurants in Kyiv as well as high rates on Google and TripAdvisor. In the beginning of redesign, we had recollected the history to find the right new concept for the venue. The restaurant was named after the city Lucca in the Italian region Toscana. It is quite a small ancient city, which still keeps some influence of Roman culture. The main tourist attraction is the Guinigi Tower with an oak garden on the top of it. All here is about traditions – traditions of cuisine, culture and hospitality. 
    There are plenty of wooden surfaces in the Lucca restaurant. Tables, bar islands’ facades, beams under the ceiling. The floor on the ground floor is made from strong and wear-resistant thermally modified timber, which is important for the restaurant with many visitors. There in Lucca strong habits are respected. Such as a habit to dine in the same venue where a waiter knows that you like panzanella salad without capers and that you prefer Carmignano over all Tuscan wines.