• Pivnaya Duma / beer bar & beer store
  • Pivnaya Duma / beer bar & beer store
    • location: 38 Khreshchatyk St., (TSUM, 6th floor), Kyiv, Ukraine
    • area: 40 m²
    • completed: 2017
    • photographer: Roman Kupriyan

    "Pivnaya Duma" in TsUM in Kyiv it’s an establishment of network of beer restaurants with its own, the largest craft brewery in Ukraine. This is a hybrid-type establishment, where you can buy different types of beer in bottles and as well as taste it, comfortable sitting behind the bar.
    Wood and galvanized steel are the basic materials used in the decoration of bar. Walls and ceiling are decorated by the installation in the form of pipes from steel, that are the symbolic "conductor" of beer from brewery from the initial stage of manufacture to the visitor's goblet. In addition to the decorative function, the installation also performs the lighting: from the ceiling from pipes "pours out" warm, soft light.
    Due to well thought out planning space is used most rationally. Despite the fact that the area of the institution is only 40 m², here harmoniously combines a shop selling beer with bar. The lack of unnecessary details in design provides enough free space between bar and refrigerator with drinks, allowing buyers and bar’s visitors don’t interfere with each other.