• Relax Park Verholy
  • Relax Park Verholy
    • Category: hotel
    • Location: Sosnovka village, Poltava region, Ukraine
    • Status: realized in 2015
    • Area:
    • Photographer: Andrey Avdeenko, Andrey Bezuglv
    • Link: http://verholy.com/

    Relax Park Verholy is a recreational complex with a wide range of possibilities for relax: modern spa, horseback riding, fishing. In the hotel there is a swimming pools, sports facilities, conference rooms, Food & Forest the restaurant and the Senoval wine bar.
    Total number of rooms is 55. Guests can stay in one of two hotel buildings (in total 44 rooms), in one of three chalets or select one of the seven cottages. Chalets and cottages are made in minimalist aesthetics using innovative technologies natural materials like stone, wood, corten steel, leather, glass.