• ROAD Conference Hotel
  • ROAD Conference Hotel
    • www: road-hotel.com.ua
    • location: Kiltseva Doroha, 70, Sofiivska Borshchahivka, Kyiv, Ukraine
    • area: 650 m²
    • number of rooms: 19
    • completed: 2018
    • graphic design: PRAVDA Design
    • photographer: Roman Kupriyan

    Road, car, trip, America, hotel... No, it's not about a traditional American motel, – we are talking about the Ukrainian design hotel "ROAD", located on the largest transport artery of Kyiv. Location was the starting point for creating the design concept of the hotel.
    The subject of American automobile trips of the 50-60's, which is reflected in the design of the hotel, was chosen on purpose: in the post-war period in the United States began an economic boom and the development of the American automotive industry has reached a very high level; as a result, the trips themselves also began to gain momentum. This led to the creation of a number of associative elements in equipping the hotel: instead of the usual armchairs here are the car seats of those times; overtightened by the safety belts ottomans that are similar to road suitcases; bedside tables made of the car disks covered with transparent glass, towel dryers in the form of heaters of those times, and etc.
    Near the highways is quite common to see the service stations, After all, in such a place they are simply necessary. ROAD also largely resembles a car workshop: lamps in metal tubes, characteristic for car workshops, sconces in the form of car headlights, the elements of auxiliary equipment such as jacks are also used here. In the hallway of the hotel made brickwork on the walls, which is inherent in the past for automotive workshops. In the style of a car workshop made also the stairs, covered with hot-rolled metal with the notching in the form of tracks from tires. Tracks of tires are "reflected" on the carpet- track, which covers the floor of the whole premices.
    The general theme of the road is reflected in the color scheme of the hotel: gray colors of various shades of furniture, on the walls, in the floor. To enhance the given atmosphere in finishing applied "road" wear-resistant materials, such as metal, wood, stone, glass. In the design traced smoothed corners and smooth lines, which were popular in the American automobile industry of chosen period. In addition, to ensure the proper comfort have been applied modern solutions and technologies, which harmoniously contrast with the retro style.
    Since ROAD is positioned as a conference hotel, it envisages the creation of a complex with the necessary equipment for this type of hotels, technical means and equipment. The creation of the hotel itself it’s only the first stage of work, further we expect the implementation of the whole complex, including a conference hall, restaurant, etc.