• Rodizio / restaurant
  • Rodizio / restaurant
    • Category: salat bar / pizzeria
    • Location: 1B Pavla Tychyny prosp., SilverBreeze, Kyiv, Ukraine
    • Status: realized in 2014
    • Area: 250 m2
    • Photographer: Igor Karpenko

    RODIZIO restaurant is situated on the left bank of Dnipro river. The idea of establishing Brazilian salad-bar belongs to the restaurateur Gennadiy Medvedev. The restaurant is for 138 people and occupies an area of 250 m². Due to stained glasses of the main hall the restaurant offers splendid views of Dnipro river and Kyiv-Pechersk Lavra. Innovative format "eat as much as you want" and active traffic of waiters dictated zoning specificities. The restaurant was initially intended to have high traffic, that is why our Client paid special attention to creating communication flows.  
    Any visitor can choose from different types of seats that include secluded seats as well as open community tables for a group of friends. Restaurant style is formed with eco-trends and natural materials such as clay, stone and wood.
    At the entrance, near a hostess stand, guests are made by salad-bar with a display of dishes which divides guests' flows. The emphasis of the whole interior was placed on this display of dishes, salads and fruits.