• Ryba-Pyla / fish bar
  • Ryba-Pyla / fish bar
    • www: ribapila.com.ua
    • location: 112 Velyka Vasylkivska St., Kyiv, Ukraine
    • area: 240 m²
    • completed: 2018
    • photographer: Andriy Bezuglov

    The fish drank, the meat was crying... On Velyka Vasylkivska street in Kyiv appeared the new fish establishment – fish bar with ambiguous name «Ryba-Pyla», which became a reflection of its general concept and gave inspiration for creativity in interior design. Fish bar menu consists of dishes of Odessa home cuisine, which perfectly complement by wines from its wine list.
    The institution itself is divided into several zones: at the entrance guests are welcomed by the open refrigeration showcase with fresh fish and seafood, which can be bought right here. Immediately behind it are the entrance to the bar zone with wine list and several guest halls. The important role in zoning of premises have sliding windows: they open in warm season, visually expanding the interior space, and thanks to them the interior is well visible from the street to guests on the summer terrace and to passersby.
    The brutally ironic interior fully supports the concept of a fish bar. Among the main conceptual elements are stylized skeleton of sea creature under the ceiling in the middle of the main hall, as well as installations on the walls and lamps from rusty circular saws, that metaphorically associated with the name of establishment. In decoration applied rusty metal and old wood, supposedly from the influence of seawater. Old container blocks, bought in stock and re-assembled already on this place, became the adornment of one of guest halls. Water closets completed in the form of container blocks, drawn up one by one. Taken together, all this creates the impression of staying on the old fishing boat.
    «Ryba-Pyla» it’s a project that combines several functions: here you can not only have a good meal and drink a glass of wine or something else, but also to buy fresh seafood to home.