• Star Burger / restaurant
  • Star Burger / restaurant
    • Category: burger bar
    • Location: 1B Pavla Tychyny prosp., SilverBreeze, Kyiv, Ukraine
    • Status: realized in 2014
    • Area: 240 m2
    • Photographer: Igor Karpenko
    • Link: https://www.facebook.com/StarBurgerua/

    STAR BURGER is located on the left bank of Dnipro River in Silver Breeze mall at Pavla Tychyny Str., Build.1. The creation idea and the concept belong to the famous Kyiv restaurateur Gennady Medvedev. The total area is 240 square meters with 112 seats. Zonal space may be divided into the bar area and burger bar. In the bar area opposite to the bar with alcoholic beverages, there are high tables designed for noisy company for active pastime. A part of the bar is divided by facade glazing and forms a small souvenir products area. Bu lowering of the wooden ceiling from the rails we formed a cozy space contributing to free and easy communication.
    Panoramic windows open breathtaking views to the Dnipro River slopes and Patona Bridge.
    Zoning techniques and vertical elements of the interior emphasize the ceiling height which is inherent to the American burgers in the loft style on the general moderate asceticism background. We specifically did not want to overload the interior by plenty of details retaining the free space concept. The color scheme is determined by traditional materials for loft style – wood, metal touched with STAR BURGER corporate green tint in decor elements.
    Some lamps and furniture elements were designed individually for this place, for instance, a wall of the lamp-cans with Edison bulbs adds warmth to the interior in contrast to the metal wall separating the kitchen area from bar area.