• Sefano's fine food factory / oyster bar
  • Sefano's fine food factory / oyster bar

    Oyster bar is a part of the restaurant complex Stefano's Fine Food Factory.
    Italian restaurant Stefano's Fine Food Factory is located in the historic center of Kyiv. On the ground floor there is a small boutique, connected with the oyster bar. By the stairs leading from the shop to the second floor visitors get to a restaurant with access to the winter garden.
    To emphasize the premium status of the place, but not to deviate from the concept of modern interior, designers decided to combine Renaissance motifs with contemporary trends. After all it was found decorative technique called pixel classics. The method was applied in furniture details and wall decoration elements.
    Each room of the restaurant reflects the mood of different year season.The highlight of the room with a warm autumn atmosphere became a huge chandelier consisting of 1,350 bulbs. Oyster bar is white as winter. On the terrace each can meet the spring, and the hall with an aquarium symbolizes the summer.