• Sweetlo
  • Sweetlo

    www: facebook.com/sweetlo.family.cafe/
    location: Kremenchuk, (Ukraine)
    area: 380m²
    completed: 2021
    branding and graphic design: PRAVDA design
    photographer: Igor Karpenko

    “Sweetlo” is a family venue located on the first floor of the former soviet cinema “Bolshevik” that was erected in the middle of the XX century in Kremenchuk. Spaciousness and a central location next to the park perfectly fitted the big city cafe and a cozy bar-restaurant at the same time. That is why the venue merges the day and the evening format. “Sweetlo Family Café” with the signature desserts and “Sweetlo Zebra” bar-restaurant named after the legendary nightclub that used to work there in the 90s.

    In the interior of "Sweetlo," white color and pure laconic shapes take over. There is plenty of natural light that pours in the hall via the big windows. Some color accents were put with the geometrical paintings in orange, yellow, and blue shades on the walls. The pink and grey chairs followed the lead and diluted the color palette a little.

    The primary materials are oak, rattan, and ground glass, behind which enlightened bamboo sprouts are placed. The restaurant space can be modified by moving sliding partitions made from rattan. That allows to separate some space for the local wine club meetings or unite the hall at other times.

    The name “Sweetlo” is a pun that came from combining the Ukrainian word that means light with the “sweet”. The venue is cozy, warm, and relaxing. There are no unnecessary details there but a lot of light and air. The café is kids-friendly, it is designed to make a client feel like they have been there multiple times and are eager to come again.