• Switzerland / hotel
  • Switzerland / hotel
    • Category: hotel
    • Location: Obariv village, Rivne region, Ukraine
    • Status: realized in 2012
    • Area: 2000 m2
    • Photographer: Ольга Неправда
    • Link: http://park-hotel.rv.ua/

    Premium class hotel is located in the Rivne region. The hotel has 24 rooms, a restaurant with a terrace overlooking the lake and two bars. Designers rethought Swiss style town houses and created a modern park-hotel with everything needed for relax. Outside the building reminds the traditional architecture of Switzerland, and the interior of the hotel is designed in the minimalist aesthetics.The natural colors in the private and public areas help to create a relaxing atmosphere and visually connect the interior with the exterior and the surrounding nature. All pieces of furniture were designed by YOD.