• Terrace of the out-of-town restaurant Kupetsky Dvir
  • Terrace of the out-of-town restaurant Kupetsky Dvir

    Location: 26 Stolychnoye Shosse. Kyiv, Ukraine
    Space: 266 m2
    Competed: 2021
    Photo: Andriy Bezuglov

    The roomy terrace of the restaurant is integrated into the surroundings of undisturbed forests. The restaurant already existed, and they invited us to create a design of a modern terrace that could serve as a restaurant hall.

    The main attraction of the venue is the rich nature of the Koncha-Zaspa neighborhood. We created big windows around the perimeter of the terrace and partly glazed its ceiling. It allows guests to see not only tree trunks from windows but their crowns overhead.

     In this project, we mostly used natural materials - timber, steel, brass. The bar counter is 7.5 meters long. It is made from marble and oak. Part of the terrace makes a private zone that is separated from the rest by a big black fireplace. Three-dimensional tiles which cover the fireplace were custom-made.

    We are sure that a real luxury nowadays is the possibility to watch undisturbed forests. The goal of a designer who works in such a rich place is not to distract visitors’ attention from nature and invite it inside as much as possible.