• WIN Bar / wine bar
  • WIN Bar / wine bar
    • Category: wine bar
    • Location: Horyva st., 16/7, Kyiv, Ukraine
    • Status: realized in 2017
    • Area: 200 m²
    • Photographer: Roman Kupriyan

    WIN Bar it's a wine bar of a new format, which aims to promote the formation of a culture of wine consumption in Ukraine. This is a place where guests can get into the unique atmosphere of the wine list and chat over a glass of wine.
    The building is located in the heart of Kyiv on the ancient Podil in the building of 1812, built in the best traditions of architecture of that time. Design of wine bar is maximally restrained. His philosophy is that the shape of the bottle isn't more important than its content. Given that "WIN Bar" is located in a building with 200 years of history, brick vaults were left in their original form, preserving their authentic appearance without any jewelry. Thus, the establishment is "a self-sufficient phial filled with internal content". In the interior of the bar used natural materials, including a brick, which was laid down during the construction of the house in 1812. All carpentry were made from wine barrels with a capacity of 10 thousand liters, which kept Bordeaux wine. Tables, waiters' work places, bathroom doors and bar casing are made of these oak barrels with a 90-year history, which after processing in the carpentry workshop received new life and appearance.
    The "raisin" of the main hall of the bar is a large round table with a diameter of 2000 mm for up to 10 people. The barrel head (of the barrel with a capacity of 10 thousand liters) became this table, on which the serial number is saved and traces of the oil paint remaining after painting the contour of barrels along the perimeter. Along the windows above the tables hang lamps, cast from glass on the original form of a decanter times of the XVIII century. In this context not only wine, but also light is poured from the decanter. Also in the central room above the wine cellar is a bar counter. From here you can see the wine cellar from the inside through equipped in the floor window.