• ZWIN & SHOco.
  • ZWIN & SHOco.
    • www: facebook.com/ZWIN.lviv
    • location: FUTURA Hub, 200A Kulparkivska St., Lviv, Ukraine
    • area: 295 m²
    • completed: 2019
    • graphic design: PRAVDA design
    • photographer: Andriy Bezuglov

    ZWIN & SHOco. it’s a new multi-format restaurant project in Lviv, Ukraine, which combines a modern bakery-confectionery and wine bar. The uniqueness of this project lies in the combination of two different formats within the same space, which work with different products independently of each other.
    In the morning operates bakery-confectionery SHOco. with breakfasts, desserts, pastries, coffee. This is the ideal format for those who have come to work or use co-working space.
    In the afternoon there is a transition from the daily café format to the ZWIN wine bar, that is a modern establishment with a focus on good wine, which aims to develop a wine culture in Lviv. This is a new format space, the mission of which is to show that wine is not just a drink, it's a whole art. The bar menu is formed on the excellent blend of wine with dishes – foodpairing. Besides a rich wine list, here is also a wine machine for 4 types of wine, that is not only more affordable in terms of price, but also environmentally, as 20 liters of wine from the wine machine equals a whole ton of saved garbage. Contact bar allows guests to interact with bartenders and sommeliers, sitting at the bar counter.
    ZWIN also hosts various events related to wine: master classes, meetings with winemakers, tasting for visitors and professionals. This is a kind of wine center of Western Ukraine for holding cult wine events!
    In the design of this project used authentic materials: all wooden furniture and installations are made of oak wine barrels. Bar counter and high table tops lined with copper. In the center of space above the bar counter is installed a large-scale installation of 32 Bordeaux barrels with the ZWIN logo. Thanks to backlighting, it attracts people's attention from the street – in the evening it is clearly visible through the front panoramic windows. Changing the format in the interior is reflected on the center prismavision. Also, the lighting changes and the active music switches on. Living trees planted in pots emphasize the connection with nature, adding cosiness and comfort to the whole space.
    Combining a bakery-confectionery and a wine bar within the same space is a quite successful solution for open space, based on the coworking. «SHOco.» – format for those, who are constantly in business and always in a hurry, who need quick breakfasts and delicious snacks. «ZWIN» provides an opportunity to relax and rest from work without changing location, "slow down" time in the company of selected wine, hearty lunch or dinner and lively music. Thus, both formats harmoniously co-exist, complementing each other throughout the day.